Bb0029 Solved Assignment For Meg


1 Explain the following passages with reference to their contexts and supply brief critical comments where necessary : a. See, see, where Christ’s blood streams in the rmament !ne drop would sa"e my soul, half a drop: #h, my Christ.#ns:$ %hese lines come from &austus’s nal speech, 'ust before the de"ils ta(ehim down to hell. )t is easily the most dramatic moment in the play, and *arlowe uses some of his nest rhetoric to create an unforgettable portrait of the mind of a man about to carried o+ to a horric doom. &austus goes from one idea to another, desperately see(ing a way out. ut no escape is a"ailable, and he ends by reaching an understanding of his own guilt: -o, &austus, curse thy self, curse /ucifer, 0 %hat hath depri"ed thee of the 'oys of hea"en. %his nal speech raises the 2uestion of why &austus does not repentearlier and, more importantly, why his desperate cries to Christ for mercy are not heard. )n a truly Christian framewor(, &austus would be allowed a chance at redemption e"en at the "ery end. ut *arlowe’s play ultimately pro"es more tragic than Christian, and so there comes a point beyond which &austus can no longer be sa"ed. 3e is damned, in other words, while he is still ali"e.

b. 4eigh oath with oath, and you will nothing weigh: 5our "ows to her and me, put in two scales,4ill e"en weigh6 and both as light as tales.

#ns:$ %he abo"e passage is ta(en from Sha(espeare7s play # *idsummer ight7s 8ream from #ct ))), Scene 9, /ines 11$1 and spo(en by 3elena after /ysander wa(es up with the fairy elixir on his eyes and he is pledging hislo"e to her. 3elena is confused that 3ermia7s boyfriend would all of a sudden be declaring his lo"e for her. )n response, she explains to /ysander how she feels about his oaths with a 2uic( extended metaphor. &irst she says that if she ta(es the oath of lo"e he has declared for 3ermia, and metaphorically weigh it on a scale next to the one he now gi"es her, then neither will be worth anything. Each oath in her eyes does not bear any truth, ;or weight< because he has lost his "alue for gi"ing oaths. #nother way to loo( at it is once he betrayed his oath to 3ermia by ma(ing one for her, /ysander7s promises canceled out themsel"es. %hen, after declaring /ysander7s oaths "oid and worth nothing, 3elena says that both are =light as tales=. %he word =tales= might be an allusion to 2uic(, ctional short stories that people ma(e up to entertain others, or may also

Меган сидела на унитазе с закатившимися вверх глазами. В центре лба зияло пулевое отверстие, из которого сочилась кровь, заливая лицо. - О Боже! - воскликнул он в ужасе.


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