Hr Generalist Cover Letter Template

Dear Mr. Maxwell

I believe after reading my attached resume that you will be convinced that I am the right person for your open Human Resources Generalist position. My 15 years of experience and professional affiliations would enhance my value to an organisation like J&B Industries and I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you.

In my current position as a Human Resources Generalist I have initiated training for recruiters in interviewing techniques and new-hire orientation that has resulted in better hiring decisions and reduced turnover. I was able to reduce costs by moving the recruiting activity in-house and negotiated salary offers that were more in line with company objectives.

In addition I have streamlined the performance review process to encourage two-way communication and have reviewed job descriptions to insure they reflect the actual job requirements. I wrote the company policy manual regarding employee behaviour disciplinary actions benefit programs and incentives.

I believe that my wide ranging experience in the realm of human resources will be of benefit to J&B Industries and as I review your job requirements I see that I not only meet them but exceed them. Please call me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Cindy Jacobs

As a human resources professional, you have important and unique abilities and knowledge that sets you apart from other job seekers. Your cover letter is your first chance to showcase this expertise to an employer and should be targeted not only on the industry but also the specific job you to which you are applying. Consult our HR generalist template to begin the process. Free samples are available below and, along with the related advice, will help you understand how to build and use this critical job search document.

What to Include in an HR Generalist Cover Letter

Before you put any content into your new cover letter, take a close look at the posting or advertisement for your target job and compare how the employer’s key requirements, such as experience with benefits administration, employee onboarding, or training, relate to your own knowledge and abilities. These matching points will form the core of your cover letter.Start on a strong note. Address the hiring manager by name and use your first paragraph to grab the individual’s attention with a confident statement of who you are and why you know you would be a valuable asset this specific position. Follow up by outlining how your abilities meet their needs but also add a personal touch, with other relevant qualifications you know will be beneficial, specific achievements, or ways you feel can you could improve the human resources department operations.In total, your cover letter should be less than a page in length and contain three to five targeted paragraphs. Set a professional tone right away and maintain it throughout, where every statement concentrates on how you can benefit the company. End on the same note of certainty by again restating why you are the top person for the.

Sample Cover Letter

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Cover Letter Content
You would have to look far and wide to find someone who could bring as much enthusiasm, energy, and creativity as I could to the position of HR generalist at MarketPro, Inc. I have exemplified my commitment to human resources operations by maintaining efficiency and quality standards in benefits administration, paperwork processing, employee onboarding, and training. I am confident I can use my skills and knowledge to benefit your company and employees.My t10 years of human resources experience have been marked by a track record of service, accuracy, and first rate performance. I have proactively resolved employee issues with fairness and company policies in mind, while also handling paid time off requests, routine questions, and disciplinary procedures.I am well-versed in human resources operations, confidentiality protocols, and related employment laws. I work well with all HR staff and relate easily to diverse employees, which has helped me make individuals feel confident and comfortable, even when dealing with challenging concerns.With the qualifications I’ve described in this letter and on my resume, I am confident I am a perfect match for the HR Generalist position within your company. Thank you for considering me for this position.


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