Microeconomics Essay Ideas For College

Published: 11-Nov-2017 Last Edited: 28-Nov-2017

Students who are pursuing their course of the study program in economics needs to study both macro and microeconomics. Studying microeconomics is different from macroeconomics. Microeconomics focuses on supply and demand, the economic behavior of an individual, household or business and markets where goods are bought and sold. Completing assignments in this subject is a difficult task and above it choosing a research paper topic in this discipline can become a challenging experience for the students as there are many great ideas to choose from.

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Why it is essential for the students to write an impressive research paper in microeconomics?

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Tips for choosing a great research paper topic in microeconomics

To compose your academic paper topic, use any one of the following methods. Here are some important tips for picking out an excellent microeconomics research paper topic-

  • Creating a spider diagram- This is quite a simple and popular technique among the students. You are needed to write a comprehensive topic on a piece of paper and link as many subtopics to that plan as you can. And then, pick a part of the diagram that appears the most appealing to you and tries to make up a topic idea. You can discuss it with your companions and consider what ideas you can examine in your work.
  • Brainstorming with your friends- To get the best research paper ideas you can organize a study session with your friends and classmates. You can plan to meet after classes, visit the school library, get on several courses of study textbooks, and write down your thoughts and ideas that you come up with. Later, you can select one of these ideas for your assignment.
  • Getting inspired by the sample papers- You can also visit school’s writing center to get a few sample assignments written by other learners. Reading them will help you in coming up with a great idea to discuss in your Homework. You can also request the center's instructor to present you with a list of sample topic ideas and a writing manual.

List of top microeconomics research paper topics

  • What are the fundamental elements of a successful business?
  • How can social media marketing help a small company thrive?
  • How have remarkable companies in your area survived economic crisis?
  • What are the main customer trends in your area?
  • Reasons why economies strive for maximal usage of natural resources.
  • Name the criteria of industry waste usage in different microeconomics models.
  • Name the branches that make the ecological sector of economies.
  • Explain the essence of assimilation potential for a particular area.
  • Name the principles of natural resource usage that are characteristic of the market, planned and traditional economies.
  • Name the possible funding sources for ecological companies.
  • What effects does purchasing local produce have on the economy?
  • What are the necessary ingredients for a small business to beat the odds and to be successful.
  • Make a list of five current user trends and predict the longevity of these items.
  • Microeconomics problems of fighting pollution.
  • Reasons for ecological issues in planned economies.
  • What is the Law of Diminishing Returns and how do you resist its influence on input?
  • Estimation of the influence of a local industry on the environment.
  • Explain which conditions of nature, industry and household interaction are required to make a microeconomic model work.
  • Discuss pricing versus salary concerning the minimum wage increases.
  • How do you prevent a small business from going bankrupt?
  • The balancing of supply and demand.
  • The structure of a market and the method that comprises it.
  • What happens to various industries when a recession hits?
  • What is the outcome of the union movement on the labor market?
  • How does the weather and in various particular seasons affect the economy?
  • What are the advantages for an individual in paying for private health insurance?
  • Make a comparison between the various main structures of the stock market.

Branches of microeconomics

Here are few of branches of microeconomics listed in which you can find the best research paper topics-

  • Demand and supply- This large-scale topic applies to almost every domain of life. Regarding microeconomics, consider how changing demands influence the operation of small businesses or to study about how various factors of supply affect enterprises and personal households.
  • Work market- This is another sphere that is worth considering while inquiring for an excellent topic for a microeconomics Research Paper. Here, you are free to address the labor market of a town, the outcome of the work market on an average income family or individual, etc.
  • Pricing and marketing- In this sphere, you can analyze price changes on various levels, as well as the influence of sellers and buyers. For the estimation of prices, use shops within a small town.
  • Entrepreneurship- In this context, you can discuss the possible obstacles for opening a new business, various government programs that can be used in this activity, and the distinguishing characteristic of a family business operating in a small town or city.

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20 Topics on an Essays on Microeconomics

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Economics is divided into two categories: microeconomics and macroeconomics. The two fields are generally differed by each other through the perspective that is used when dealing with the economic field of research. Macroeconomics is generally studied through an analysis of large demographical data through geospatial or locational models. It can mainly focus on the larger numbers that the majority of a population belongs to. Factors such as employment and unemployment rates, imports and exports, and discovering larger markets and resources for different services and labor. Microeconomics on the other hand normally encompasses the study of demand and supply of a commodity or the financial status of an individual. It usually studies much significant data that can be used for establishing businesses, ideating new products and services, predicting cost flexibility of local goods and commodities, brainstorming sustainable businesses, allocating resources efficiently among communities and much more. Generally, the study of microeconomics are practical ways where one can be involved in the upliftment of society together with earning money. The study of microeconomics is a very useful tool to establish earning businesses and providing livelihood to the members of local communities. When focusing on microeconomics, there are various essay questions that college students taking economics are commonly asked to answer.

It is essential for humanity to use their knowledge and effort in uplifting society through academe and social institutions. The study of microeconomics is a key to finding a solution to the wavering demands and stresses of the established society.

Below is a list of twenty essay topics about microeconomics that are interesting and relevant to the current setting of our modern world. These essay topics can be used to educate and generate ideas that can truly make a better world. Microeconomics’ greatest lesson and gift to the world is the notion that change starts from within, from small, to large, everything is connected.

  1. Feasibility of Hydroponic Garden for a Small Community in an Urban Setting. Generating Profit through Intelligent methods with microeconomics
  2. Elasticity of Demand of Organic Meat: Closer Look at microeconomics of food distribution specifically meat
  3. The Microeconomics of Urban Farming: Feeding the Society by growing food in controlled spaces
  4. Business Start-up for establishing effective advertising for Sustainable Businesses
  5. The booming of health and wellness business inside a city- prices, buyers, brands, etc
  6. Aquaponics business for poverty and ignorance-stricken communities – establishing a flourishing community with microeconomics.
  7. The supply and demand of organic vegetables in modern society- closer look at city setting
  8. Examining the economic preferences of food buyers in chosen groceries in specific settings from rural to urban places
  9. 3D modelling and modern graphing methods for microeconomics.
  10. Artificial Intelligence and Micro-economics- a key for Productive Automation?
  11. Diagram Illustrations for the complementary relationship of how price ceilings and price floors give rise to shortages for different commodities in small scale urban settings.
  12. Allocative efficiency of Growing Food Locally in urban settings- Urban Farming
  13. A geospatial analysis of merits and demerits of local market
  14. The marginal product curves and diminishing marginal returns of unsustainable food production of meat and agricultural products.
  15. A study of inefficiency of cattle farming- closer look at utility costs, environmental and microeconomic consequences
  16. Adjustment Period of Local Businesses- understanding the calm before the storm of marketing through microeconomic perspectives
  17. Explain the difference between the short run and the long run as this applies to a firm’s production and costs.
  18. Opportunity costs of investing in green agriculture for sustainable communities.
  19. Price comparison of Mass Produced Chicken vs Organically Grown Poultry.
  20. Competition of Sustainability vs Destructibility of Micro-Economic Markets


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