Close Quarters Assignments

10 new assignments have released in the Close Quarters expansion pack released June 2012.


Unlocks – AUG A3

  • 10 Squad Revives
  • 30 Assault Rifle Kills

Set Us Up The Bomb:
Unlocks – SCAR-L

  • 20 Kills with the Underslung Grenade Launcher
  • 15 Kills with Hand Grenades


Done Fixing:
Unlocks – ACW-R

  • 20 AT Rocket Kills
  • 30 Kills with Carbines

My Own Terminator:
Unlocks – MTAR-21

  • Get a Kill with the EOD Bot
  • 100 Kills with Carbines


No Shortage:
Unlocks – L86A2

  • 20 Squad Resupplies
  • 20 Kills with LMGs

Point Blank:
Unlocks –  LSAT

  • 10 Kills with C4
  • 10 Knife Takedowns


Team Player:
Unlocks – M417

  • 10 T-UGS assists
  • Capture 20 Flags

Bullet Point:
Unlocks – JNG-90

  • 50 Kills with Sniper Rifles
  • Win 3 Rounds of Conquest Domination

All Kits

These Hurt Too:
Unlocks – SPAS-12

  • 20 Kills with Pistols
  • 20 Kills with Shotguns

Hold the Trigger:
Unlocks –  M5K

  • Finish in the Top 5 of Gun Master
  • 100 Kills with Submachine Guns

A situation of being very or uncomfortably close to someone or something.

‘living in close quarters with people’

‘engaging the enemy at close quarters’

  • ‘It seemed a little strange, at first, living at such close quarters to Julie.’
  • ‘How many people could look at power from such close quarters and not grab it with both hands?’
  • ‘Events of the past five months have forced us all into contemplation of violent death, but few of us have confronted it at close quarters.’
  • ‘There was a lot you could learn about other people when you were stuck with them in close quarters.’
  • ‘The silent paddle allows wildlife photographers and scientists to observe nature at close quarters.’
  • ‘We're going to be working at close quarters with the people we hire for years.’
  • ‘My job gave me the opportunity to study other people's paintings and prints at close quarters.’
  • ‘Fortunately, our car sprang back into action and we followed him at close quarters, weaving in and out of the other traffic at high speed.’
  • ‘The fact still remains, you are going to have to spend a lot of time with him - in close quarters.’
  • ‘Though our spirits were high, nerves were growing raw in such close quarters.’
  • ‘The fans all the while remained somewhat in awe as they watched what seemed to be their favourite band in such close quarters.’
  • ‘It was a tactic that made Napoleonic War sea battles particularly hellish for those confined in the close quarters of a wooden ship.’
  • ‘She had plenty of opportunity to study him at close quarters, for she had agreed to go through his thesis with him, correcting his German.’
  • ‘The last time I had experienced a death at such close quarters was many years ago as a houseman, but then I was not so personally involved.’
  • ‘It is daunting to strike up a conversation with a stranger, especially if you are in close quarters and have an audience.’
  • ‘Perhaps there is some pressure placed on people in such close quarters to initiate conversation.’
  • ‘Short of scuba diving in sub-tropical waters, this must be the best way to see sharks at close quarters - and certainly safer.’
  • ‘The familiar, musty odor of monkey fur at close quarters fills my nostrils.’
  • ‘Plant a window box and enjoy the colour at close quarters.’
  • ‘The only occasion I have seen one of them at close quarters was when Princess Margaret visited the Royal Photographic Society.’
  • ‘Older children can work off a little steam after being confined in close quarters.’
  • ‘I have watched at close quarters as he has fended off the most rigorous questions concerning both his private life and his political beliefs.’
  • ‘Living in such close quarters and facing daily dangers engendered a sense of great camaraderie at the Airfield.’


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