Romeo And Juliet Poster Assignments

English 9H
Thematic Unit: Love
Romeo and Juliet
William Shakespeare

Class Work & Homework Assignment Wk 4/25-5/2
Begin our new thematic unit: love – review the essential questions.  

Enduring Understanding: Love can be defined in many ways.  A person can experience love for his or her parents, guardians, friends, and/or another boy or girl.  There is also a difference between love, lust, and infatuation.

Essential Questions:
1. What is love?
2. Is it possible to love someone and hurt them at the same time?
3. What extreme measures are people willing to take for love?

Complete a scavenger hunt in computer lab
Complete an anticipation guide
Analyze the importance of the play's historical context
Analyze sonnet form in poetry and apply it to the play's Prologue

Begin William Shakespeare' tragic play Romeo and Juliet

What is Love? Poster Project
: With your group you will define and create a "visual" representation of love
1. Look up love's definition in the dictionary
2. Discuss and decide upon your group's definition of love
3. Create a "visual" representation of love: you may create a visual image, using images, a poem of your own creation, a paragraph, etc.
Due Wed. 5/11/11

Complete study guide questions as we read and be prepared for a quiz after each act
Act I Quiz - Mon. 5/9/11
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Class Work & Homework Assignment Wk 5/9/11
Continue our thematic unit: love – Read Act II

Identify and analyze themes, characterization, and conflict.  Discuss how impulsive behavior plays a part in "the star-crossed lovers" fate.
Act II Quiz - Mon. 5/16/11
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Class Work & Homework Assignment Wk 5/16/11
Continue our thematic unit: love – Begin Act III

Identify and analyze themes, characterization, and conflict.  Discuss how impulsive behavior plays a part in "the star-crossed lovers" fate.
Act II Quiz - Mon. 5/16/11
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Class Work & Homework Assignment Wk 5/23/11
Continue our thematic unit: love – Watch film, identify dramatic structural elements, and finish play.

Identify and analyze themes, characterization, and conflict.  Discuss how impulsive behavior plays a part in "the star-crossed lovers" fate.

Identify dramatic structural elements using Freytag's Pyramid.

Identify events in play for exposition, rising action with exciting force, and climax
Act III Quiz - Tues. 5/31/11

Facebook Page
Choose a main character from the tragic play: Romeo, Juliet, Tybalt, Mercutio, Benvolio, Paris, Nurse, Friar, etc. and create a Facebook page for him/her.  Choose a time frame from the play and create the page with specific events from that period.  You must include at least three friends and three postings to your Wall.  The upper right-hand corner of the page is your status.  Be creative and enjoy!  :)
Facebook Page Due Tues. 5/31/11
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Student Activities for Romeo and Juliet Include:

Are you looking to inspire and engage your students during a unit on The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare? Check out this teacher guide with valuable Romeo and Juliet activities and create visual storyboards that incorporate all four ELA Common Core Standards!

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Summary

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is about two star­-crossed lovers from feuding families, who take their own lives. Through a series of unfortunate events, fate and chance turn against the lovers. Romeo, a Montague, and Juliet, a Capulet, meet at a party thrown by Juliet’s family. Romeo only attends because his friend says it will help Romeo get over a girl, Rosaline. Romeo had loved Rosaline, but she rejected him. When Romeo lays eyes on Juliet, he forgets he ever had other devotions. Later that evening, he sneaks to Juliet’s balcony and professes his love. Juliet, who has also fallen in love with Romeo, asks him to make a serious gesture, to prove his love. He asks her to marry him, and she agrees.

Using Friar Lawrence and Juliet’s Nurse as intermediaries, wedding plans commence. However, Tybalt, a Capulet, goes out in search for the Montagues who crashed the party. A duel ensues, and Romeo’s best friend, Mercutio, is killed, causing Romeo to slay Tybalt. The Prince of Verona had previously warned the quarrelers that if one more disturbance was made, those involved would be put to death. However, because Mercutio was the Prince’s kinsman, Romeo is exiled instead of killed.

Juliet finds out that Romeo has killed her cousin and is devastated, not by the loss of life, but over the banishment of her lover. They again devise a plan to be together, but an obstacle presents itself: Juliet’s father has arranged for her to marry Count Paris in two days time. Friar Lawrence convinces Juliet to take a sleeping potion in order to appear dead, and promises to send word to Romeo.

The plan is for Romeo to wake her in her tomb, and take her away with him. The plan begins as discussed, however, a dramatic irony unfolds: Romeo does not receive the letter intended for him about the Friar’s plan. Instead, he hears Juliet is dead and decides to enter her grave and take his own life. He goes to an apothecary and purchases poison. When he reaches the tomb, he encounters Paris, who is also there to mourn Juliet. Upset, Romeo kills Paris and enters the tomb, drinking the poison.

Moments later, Juliet awakes and finds Romeo dead. Distraught, she takes the dagger from his belt and stabs herself. In the end, Friar Lawrence confesses the story to the Capulets and Montagues. Knowing that their enmity was the reason for the senseless loss of lives, the two men agree to end their longstanding feud.

This is one of Shakespeare's is most famous plays, and for good reason! A dramatic tale of star-crossed lovers, divided by their feuding families! What's not to love?

  • Personal Favorite - The emotions that go through the characters are essential to the play. They really carry the story and the characters' struggles. Not to mention Shakespearean outfits are fun!
  • Pro Tip - Did you know the Romeo and Juliet characters are poseable? Make sure to utilize this feature to communicate the characters' feelings and how they react to situations. Body language can be just as crucial as text, especially in plays.
  • Many of the characters in the medieval section are great for any of the characters in Shakespearean plays. We also knew it was important to have scenes like the "Balcony", "Apothecary", and "Crypt", so that you can bring those key scenes to life.

Make sure to search for extra images with the term, "Shakespeare".

Other Lesson Plan Ideas

  1. Who should be punished for Romeo and Juliet's deaths?
  2. Imagine an alternate ending to the play and create a storyboard that tells the story from a different perspective.
  3. Show steps or mistakes that lead to the eventual death of the star-crossed lovers.
  4. Visually depict a major soliloquy or monologue from the play.
  5. Make a storyboard that describes Queen Mab and what she does to people.
  6. Add a presentation to any storyboard project.

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